Easter is a time for a family get together and family getaways too. The extended weekend makes it a great time to take some time off without taking too many days off work too. It’s long been a time for short breaks in cities and a time to catch some early sunshine before the peak time summer months.

Travel advice

Travelling with family is a very different proposition to travelling with a friend or family member. There’s a lot more to consider at every stage of your holiday. For instance its best to book as early as possible to give you the widest range of options on accommodation, resorts, location, etc. The closer you leave it to the dates you want to go, the less options you’ll have if you have your heart set on one particular destination.

When booking flights pay close attention to the times they depart and arrive. If you’re taking young children with you then you may find that flights that are very late or very early will cause the most upset to them. Afternoon flights and mid morning flights are best.

Consider booking an all inclusive family holiday so that you have a lot less things to worry about when you arrive. Your entire family can enjoy the resort and its facilities without worrying about the costs of eating, drinking and activities (if they are included).

Research is a must when travelling with a family. No matter what age your kids you’ll want to know they’re catered for. Does your destination of choice have enough things to entertain both the kids and the parents? If anything happens what are the emergency services like, hospitals and means of returning home if there is a problem?

If your kids are old enough, involve them in the research process so you can gauge the kind of activities and tourist attractions they might be interested in. I personally love science museums and in my experience kids love them too. Every major city seems to have one these days so if you’re looking for a city break they’re a great way to see more of the city and keep the kids happy. While beach holidays are more about the resort than the country or town you’re in, it’s still worth escaping the tourist traps for at least a day and finding other activities.

Festivals and Events

One important thing to think about is what festivals and Easter events are happening in the place you’re thinking of going to. Easter is an important time especially in European countries with many major cities hosting special religious events. These can be quite a tourist attraction so if you feel your children would also enjoy the event its worth researching where is the best place for you to watch it. Equally festivals and events can be overcrowded and sometimes overly energetic situations to take young children in to. If you’re looking to take the family away on a city break and want to avoid crowds its worth checking to see if there are any events on that you may wish to avoid.


Depending on the type of trip you’re taking you need to be aware of what transport you can use while you’re there. Hiring a car is often the best way to get around especially when you have kids to  look after. Almost every hotel can help you arrange a hire car if you want one but you’ll often save money by booking online before you arrive.  Make sure they can supply car seats if you need them and if you have to drive on the opposite side of the road to what you’re used to, take extra care as it can take some getting used to.

If you plan to use public transport I recommend getting a tourist card that offers discounts over 24 hours, 48 hours or 72. You’ll be able to see a lot more in a shorter space of time and make the most of your kid’s energy before they start to complain of tired legs. Tourist cards usually cover entrance fees to museums too as well as subways and some overground trains as well.

Be prepared

Wherever you decide to go make sure you’re prepared for any eventuality. There are lots of ways to make the trip easier for you and your children. Involve your kids in the booking process too and you’ll stand a much better chance of every member of the family having a great time!