The Easter holidays are an exciting time and a time in which you might want to spend taking a well-earned family holiday. Whether you choose to holiday within the UK or abroad, there are plenty of choices for Easter travel.

Taking inspiration from the religious celebrations, here are the ten commandments of Easter travel that you should follow:

  • Remember the Easter holidays are a very popular time for family travel, so book your holiday as early as possible. There are some great deals to be had by booking early and once your holiday is booked, you can put some thought into other preparations. There are plenty of Club Med holidays for various locations throughout the world, so take a look early to see if you can bag a family holiday bargain.
  • It can be easy to forget the actual travel to the airport or train station when booking a holiday and if you have to travel a great distance then this could be your downfall. Consider travelling to stay in a nearby hotel the day before if the flight is early in the morning to save you time and stress.
  • Factor the cost of travelling to the airport here and your destination abroad, into your holiday budget. That way, you can ensure that you have enough money with you to pay for taxis, buses or trains.
  • Always leave yourself plenty of time when travelling to the airport. Getting there early will put you in the best position to clear all the necessary checks and it’s always better to be 20 minutes early and have to entertain yourself in the lobby, than be five minutes late and miss your flight!
  • When you travel from the airport to your hotel at your holiday location, time the journey to ensure you have plenty of time for travel on the way back.
  • Traffic can be particularly busy on the lead up to the Easter holidays, so keep an eye on travel websites to check levels of traffic or delays on the rails where applicable.
  • Try and book your holiday when fewer people will be travelling throughout Easter. Try your best to book travelling a few days into the holiday to prevent being caught up in the hectic shared travel timetable.
  • When moving around a busy airport/train station/bus station with your family, keep a close eye on your children as it is easy for them to get lost in a crowd. This can be a terrifying experience for both a child and their parents and is something you definitely want to avoid.
  • If you are travelling by car to your holiday in the UK, make sure your vehicle is in good working order. A breakdown is not a good way to start or end the holidays.
  • Most importantly, bring along items to keep your children amused on the journey to your location. Bored children can make a journey seem even longer, so it is important to keep them entertained.

Wherever you plan to go at Easter, have a fantastic family holiday!