April is a fantastic time of year to visit the South American country of Brazil. This massive country contains some of the most vibrant and colourful festivals on the planet and April is has its fair share dotted all over this tropical landscape. You’ll find stunning coastline, unique wildlife and friendly people everywhere you go in Brazil.

Why go in April?

Weather wise, Brazil’s “summer” runs from December to March and this is when you’ll find many┬áBrazilians explore their country. Tourist destinations can become very busy so if you’re looking to avoid the hustle and bustle as well as avoid the bloated tourist prices then April is perfect. Catching the tail end of the summer and diminishing crowds gives you the best experience without the hassle. Expect temperatures in the mid 20s but of course this depends which part of Brazil you’re visiting. The north is nearer the equator so you can a expect hotter more humid climate. The south has cooler temperatures and being in the southern hemisphere winter is from June to September. You can find out more weather reports for Brazil here.

Where to go in Brazil?

Rio De Janerio

Such a vast country does of course have many destinations worth checking out but you’ll most likely want to start your exploration in Rio De Janeiro. One of the most iconic cities in the world and with Christ the Redeemer looking down from Sugar Loaf Mountain its one of the most scenic too. Spend a day on Ipanema beach for the traditional Brazilian past-time of people watching as both the men and women here love to show off their sun-tanned bodies. An excursion to the base of the Redeemer statue is a must and if you’re feeling adventurous I can highly recommend the paragliding experience from Pedra Bonita that offers spectacular views you won’t get any other way. You’ll land on Pepino beach and the trip is usually videoed to keep forever.

Sao Paulo

While definitely no where near as attractive architecturally speaking as Rio, Sao Paulo is the beating heart of Brazil’s culture and the place where you’ll really understand what makes Brazilian’s tick. It has more than its fair share of world class restaurants and some great cultural centres worth checking out. I’d recommend a visit to Museu do Ipiranga (Paulista Museum) where you can find out about the rich history of Brazil and understand more of its future too. Its also architecturally speaking one of the prettiest buildings in Brazil!


For the ultimate mix of colonial history and colourful Brazilian culture Salvador is a must. One of the most photogenic places in Brazil the old town here is a UNESCO World Heritage site and due to the city’s slave history during colonial times there is a large cosmopolitan feel with some of the country’s most famous musicians discovered here. The best thing to do in Salvador is take a walk. The streets especially in the old town are so colourful you’ll be sure to take a lot of photos. You can also take a guided tour that will teach you all about the rich history here and explain more about the unique culture you’ll only find in Salvador.

Getting to Brazil

There are daily flights from most major airports thanks to TAM Brazil’s biggest airline. Flight time to Rio is around 11 hours 40 minutes from London. You’ll also want to fly domestically to places like Sao Paulo and Salvador so you can maximise your time at each destination. I’d highly recommend 2 or 3 weeks in Brazil and April is a great time to visit. You can beat the crowds and still make the most of this amazing country.